I've been hearing a lot of new things are being included in Skyrim, and a possible one, possibly indirectly confirmed, is a destroyable environment.

It said, "Dragons can attack cities and towns at random ,merrily [ravaging] towns without warning', often, dragons nose-dive to the ground, march through city streets and breathe fire, which engulfs and causes significant damage to city structures."

Does this mean there is a destructible environment? Besides that, and there is a mining job that earns the player money, this is a possible inclusion. I would personally like to see a Destructible Environment included. It would mix tactics up, and could change the tide of a battle.

NOTE: I'm not saying that as soon as you're free you go batshit crazy on buildings that fall over like a stack of cards, but as you level up, the stronger you get, the more engulfed your character gets in the arcane arts, it becomes easier to destroy things. Not to mention the inclusion of Vandalism as a crime.

Jackass2009 01:20, April 30, 2011 (UTC)