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A fight between two of the Greatest Warriors of all the Tamriel!

The Nord and the Redguard.


The Nords are a race of fair-skinned humans that are the direct descendents of the Atmorans, from the frozen continent of Atmora, and the Nedic peoples native to Tamriel. Nords, along with Redguards and Orcs, are more muscular than most other races and normally have paler skin. They have developed a resistance to cold, most likely from tundra life in Skyrim.


Skilled at the art of war, the dark-skinned natives of arid Hammerfell are natural athletes that excel at swordplay and anything demanding strength and endurance. Prideful and fierce, both on the battlefield and in political circles, the Redguards prefer adventuring and displays of heroism as opposite to blind military instruction. Life in the desert has hardened them to the effects of the elements and they possess an in-born resilience and fortitude.


Who would win the fight

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The Fight

The video of the fight will be posted soon!!!