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aka Jake

  • I live in Dorset, Southwest England
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Jacob southmage

    Hey, just a quick question to anyone who can help

    What do i have to do to be allowed to take Screenshots on Morrowind, its says something about some sort of file but I don't know what its talking about?

    If anyone can answer, thanks as I want to finish my work on the Morrowind Main Quest pages.

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  • Jacob southmage

    Now the 1st category is College of Winterhold and here are the questions.

    1. Which Hold is the College of Winterhold found in? (1)
    2. When you first join how many apprentices have are there (excluding the Dragonborn)? (1)
    3. What is the name of the evil Thalmor Advisor? (1)
    4. How many Orcs are there in the college (excluding the dragonborn)? (1)
    5. What am I trying to draw with this Picture? (3)

    Write your answer as:

    1. (question 1 answer)
    2. (question 2 answer)


    Also post what you want the next category to be, the Winner gets "the gift of Pride" because you know you know better then the rest. If the Highest score is tied the winner shall be chosen randomly. Oh and no posting comments badmouthing the picture.

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  • Jacob southmage

    Rant about tribunal

    February 5, 2012 by Jacob southmage

    It all started when i completed about 2/3 of Skyrim, I was level 51, I had all the shouts. So i wanted to play Morrowind. I managed to get game of the year edition. Now i was use to oblivion and skyrim so i thought most of the stuff from there would be in there. I was told to go to Balmora and found that I couldn't fast travel. Then... I was yelling at the computer because i was stabbing a rat and no damage was afflicted, which i later found was that your attacks might miss.....

    Then came Tribunal at first I thought it was a good moneymaker, resting then killing assasin then selling armour. then i decided to play through the questline, first thing I see when i get to Mournhold, a play, I agree to be part in it and don't bother memorising th…

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  • Jacob southmage

    Did you know there are 18 possible Daedric artifacts.

    You might say there are only 15 but if you count the Skeleton key as one thats 16.

    You can get Hircines ring and the Saviours hide so that makes 17.

    And you could count the Balck star as a Artifact.

    However you can only get 17/18.

    I was bored so i added this.

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