Your probably reading this on a sunday, but I made this quiz on Saturday 20:32 gmt so don't post anything about it.

Now every Saturday I will make a quiz, because on Saturday I have nothing to do. All you got to do is answer as many questions correctly as you like, every week I will do a different category with every 7th quiz the category will be lucky dip so random questions. Each round will also consist of a Picture question worth 3 points when I draw a picture badly using "Paint" and you have to guess what I was trying to draw. 3 points for athe right answer, 2 points for an answer that is so amazing it deserves not to get 0 points and 1 point if its nearly right. Brackets indicate how many points a question is worth. You are aloud to use the wiki for help but try not to, so you can see how smart you are.

Now the 1st category is College of Winterhold and here are the questions.

  1. Which Hold is the College of Winterhold found in? (1)
  2. When you first join how many apprentices have are there (excluding the Dragonborn)? (1)
  3. Quiz 1 Picture


    What is the name of the evil Thalmor Advisor? (1)
  4. How many Orcs are there in the college (excluding the dragonborn)? (1)
  5. What am I trying to draw with this Picture? (3)

Write your answer as:

  1. (question 1 answer)
  2. (question 2 answer)


Also post what you want the next category to be, the Winner gets "the gift of Pride" because you know you know better then the rest. If the Highest score is tied the winner shall be chosen randomly. Oh and no posting comments badmouthing the picture.