It all started when i completed about 2/3 of Skyrim, I was level 51, I had all the shouts. So i wanted to play Morrowind. I managed to get game of the year edition. Now i was use to oblivion and skyrim so i thought most of the stuff from there would be in there. I was told to go to Balmora and found that I couldn't fast travel. Then... I was yelling at the computer because i was stabbing a rat and no damage was afflicted, which i later found was that your attacks might miss.....

Then came Tribunal at first I thought it was a good moneymaker, resting then killing assasin then selling armour. then i decided to play through the questline, first thing I see when i get to Mournhold, a play, I agree to be part in it and don't bother memorising the script. I go up and get loads of boo's, then a "you die actor scum!!" and I died in 2 stabs. Now i thought it was because I didn't memorise the script, so I got 3 pieces of A4 paper and wrote down all my characters lines in the 30 page long play. This included a 4 page long speech reading from a (imaginary) book. I go out there and recite my lines perfectly then I hear "you die actor scum so I'm like WTF! I managed to kill him first though ( he dropped a Daedric Wakuzuzi? worth 42k) It turned out I was standing in for someone who was meant to be assasinated, I was like *************************** but i was given 2000 gold for no mistakes. Then game the Dark brotherhood lair, now i thought they'd be easy like the assasin who kills you in your sleep. But thats only the Dark brotherhood apprentices, unfortunately the room is filled with mostly journeymen. They can kill me easily because they have enchanted swords, after dying several times at one point they all fell down a hole and got stuck so I sniped them with my bow which i found out kills them in 1 hit. So i head into the building and find the leader, so I think i'll get him stuck behind a rock or something like the rest, but he had no weapon on him, so i rushed in and kept missing him with arrows they he conjured up a bow and killed me in 1 hit! Fortunately the second time he glitched and couldn't stop walking so I just killed him with my sword, hitting him about 50 times before he died.

So i'm reminding all of you, I was level 6 when I did this, make sure your a high level before installing tribunal!!!!