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  • Jaymz6

    Local Area Maps

    August 17, 2012 by Jaymz6

    This is just a short How-To on creating local map renders. In the spirit of HaLo2FrEeEks item and NPC render guides.

    ]] This method is mainly for any interior cell.

    1. Go to the cell you want the local map of.
    2. Open the Local map, take screenshot.
    3. Crop image & upload.

    ]] This method is mainly for any exterior cell, but can be used for more detailed interiors. This method takes a snapshot of the cell as it appears in the Render Window, as such, static objects (ie; collision box's, leveled NPC spawn markers, ect.) will be visible on the map if not removed before exporting.

    1. Open the Construction Set or Creation Kit and load any .esm or .esp file needed.
    2. Open Worlds > Create Local Maps
    3. Select the world space from the drop down.
    4. Enter the NW and SE cell lim…

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  • Jaymz6

    Basic English

    July 1, 2012 by Jaymz6

    In this post I will attempt to explain how to format, punctuate and use proper grammar when using the Endo-European, Germanic, language of English.

    Grammar is the set of structural rules that govern the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given natural language.

    A paragraph is a self-contained unit of a discourse in writing dealing with a particular point or idea. A paragraph consists of one or more sentences. The start of a paragraph is indicated by beginning on a new line. Sometimes the first line is indented. At various times, the beginning of a paragraph has been indicated by the pilcrow: ¶.

    A sentence is an expression in natural language. It is often defined as a grammatical unit consisting of one or more words that bear mi…

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  • Jaymz6

    The following is from a book titled "The Hero of Kvatch - Mythic Dawn Assassin" The author claims to have been a Blade during the Oblivion Crisis and served with the Hero on several missions during that time.

    The author does not give his name. He makes grand accusations against the Champion of Cyrodiil. Had he lived and fought alongside the great hero, he would have seen the better side of 90 years.

    Parts from the back the book were removed at some point.

    The book was found several years ago, approximately 4E 75, in a chest in a burned down house along with a full set of Blades armor and the body of an elderly man, badly burned, the body could not be identified more than to say he was not Mer, but possibly Redguard or Nord. It is not known if…

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