This is just a short How-To on creating local map renders. In the spirit of HaLo2FrEeEks item and NPC render guides.

Method One

Oblivion Prison map2

Example of Method one. Imperial Prison

This method is mainly for any interior cell.

  1. Go to the cell you want the local map of.
  2. Open the Local map, take screenshot.
  3. Crop image & upload.

Method Two


Example of Method two. OblivionRD002

This method is mainly for any exterior cell, but can be used for more detailed interiors. This method takes a snapshot of the cell as it appears in the Render Window, as such, static objects (ie; collision box's, leveled NPC spawn markers, ect.) will be visible on the map if not removed before exporting.

  1. Open the Construction Set or Creation Kit and load any .esm or .esp file needed.
  2. Open Worlds > Create Local Maps
  3. Select the world space from the drop down.
  4. Enter the NW and SE cell limits. (The example given's cell limits are 13x 12y and 19x 18y which gives 7x6=49 cells)
  5. Press the Generate Local Maps button.
  6. Each cell is exported seperatly as a 256x256 .dds file.
  7. Open the file Game_Name/Data/Textures/Maps/World_Space (World_Space being the world space you just exported.)
  8. The files will each be named the same as the cell.
  9. Each file should be renamed to be more friendly. (DDS Viewer may display a blank file and/or crash otherwise)
  10. Open each file with your dds viewer & save it as a .jpg
  11. Almost done.
  12. Each file has some overlap. The top overlaps by 14px, the right by 15px, the bottom by 1px and the left has no overlap.
  13. If you are not very good at aligning overlapping images trim them by that amount, which will give a 241x241 image.
  14. Line them up, save & upload.