The following is from a book titled "The Hero of Kvatch - Mythic Dawn Assassin" The author claims to have been a Blade during the Oblivion Crisis and served with the Hero on several missions during that time.

The author does not give his name. He makes grand accusations against the Champion of Cyrodiil. Had he lived and fought alongside the great hero, he would have seen the better side of 90 years.

Parts from the back the book were removed at some point.

The book was found several years ago, approximately 4E 75, in a chest in a burned down house along with a full set of Blades armor and the body of an elderly man, badly burned, the body could not be identified more than to say he was not Mer, but possibly Redguard or Nord. It is not known if the body found by in the house was the true author.

The death of Urial VII

The hero claims no knowledge of why he is in jail, but the fact that he is placed in that cell just before the attack on the emperors' sons. It is easy to come to the conclusion that he bribed the guard to put him in that cell. When the Blades order him not to follow them he sees a hole, poorly sealed, breaks through it and quickly makes his way back around to the Emperor. The Emperor, misinterpreting his dream, orders his blades not to kill the hero. When they finally reach the locked gate and the final attack draws the blades from the Emperor, the hero speaks with him keeping the Emperors' back to hidden door until the assassin come through and kills the emperor. At this point the hero hears the blades coming back and is forced to attack the dawn agent to keep his cover, having just learned of the forth son, Martin.


Having learned the location of the Emperors last son Martin, the Hero travels to Kvatch. Finding it overrun by Daedra the hero, single handed, closes the Oblivion gate, a great feat as the group sent before him was defeated just after entering. He then makes his way into the city, finding Martin. Surrounded by guards, he cannot kill Martin directly, the Hero leads martin into the battle to reclaim Kvatch, hoping he will fall to the Daedra. After the battle he is lauded as the Hero of Kvatch and word of his deed spreads through all of Cyrodiil.

Weynon Priory

Another weak attempt to end the Septim line by the Mythic Dawn. The hero starts too become frustrated with their inability to kill a simple priest, he decides he will deal with it himself and agrees to escort Martain to Cloud Ruler Temple where he is offered a position as personal champion to Martin to bring the fight to the Mythic Dawn in his name. He accepts knowing the position will allow him too better manipulate events.

Dagon Shrine

Having collected the four books of the Mythic Dawn Commentaries the hero sets out for Lake Arrius. The actual events that transpired may never be know.

A report by Jeelius states that while barley conscience the hero saved him from certain death ordering him to run, his last site of the hero was him fighting off ten or more Mythic Dawn agents, armed with only a Silver Dagger.

What we know for sure is that Mankar Camoran escaped to his Paradise and the hero was openly attacked, by agents of the Mythic Dawn, in the streets of the cities across Cyrodiil after this mission.

Bruma Gate

It becomes harder to understand the Hero's actions at this point, perhaps he had information others didn't, but whatever his reason, he went around Cyrodiil closing the gates threatening the citys'. Then through trickery, lies or bribes he convinced the Counts of each city to send only two men each to aid Bruma.

Great Gate

After returning from gathering a force of arms for Martin, the Hero convinced our new Emperor to lead the attack, even going so far as to collect a set of armor for him. The armor of Tiber Septim, while enchanted, had not been cared for in hundreds of years and would have become brittle and weak. Martin was no warrior, he lived as a priest and had only been in one battle. Our commander, Jauffre tried too dissuade him from fighting, but the hero of kvatch held a strong sway over him.

Through the Battle the Blades stayed by Martin fending off wave after wave of Daedra. Our brave Emperor himself slew near to fifty Dremora ranging from Churl to Valkynaz. His blade and spell all struck true, and in that battle became our true Emperor, not by birth alone, but by his deed and valor.


The hero, now angered by our Emperors' refusal to die at the hands of a thousand Daedra, had him open a portal to Mankar Camorans' Paradise. The whole of the Blades came, sword in hand, to enter but all were refused entry as he had convinced our Emperor he must go alone.

Again a great battle against our enemy and none know what happened. After a day inside the hero returned, unharmed, and told oof his defeating Mankar Camoran with the help of a member of the Mythic Dawn, the very one that opened the gates at Bruma no less!

Our Emperor and Jauffre, now weary of this hero, decided we must make for the Capital and Light the Dragonfires.

Imperial City

One must wonder what Chancellor Ocato thought when he heard Martin was martching to the Imperial City with his blades to make his claim as Emperor. That shall never be known, for as he made his claim the city was attacked! Emperor Martin Septim led a small contingent to the Temple of the One to Light the Dragonfires. Entering the [[Commoner]] we were met by Oblivion gates spewing endless waves of Daedra on us. Surrounded and outnumbered we held them back until seemingly out of nowhere Mehrunes Dagon himself steaped out of a gate to join in the battle! In an instant Akatosh's barrier between Tamriel andd Oblivion was destroyed, all hope of victory left the Emperors Guards. Proving again that the blood in his veins is true Septim blood Martin ordered us to break for the doors to the Temple. Many great men died holding the foe back so our Emperor could get too safety, the Coward of Kvatch was the first through the door, all but pushing the Emperor down to save himself. Inside he convvinced the Emperor too break the Amulet of Kings and become the Fiery Dragon Avatar of Akatosh, hoping his master would defeat the former priest and seal the fate of all Tamriel. As the power of Akatosh surged through him Mehrunes Dagon ripped the ceiling off the Temple. Dagon was no match for the power of a true dragon-born and Emperor Septim defeated him in a short battle, but the damage was done, wounded by the battle the last of the Septim line died, turning to stone in that great temple. To my shock all around the city this false hero was now lauded as the Champion of Cyrodiil, The Savior of Tamriel and even going so far as to be given his own set of Imperial Dragon Armor. Chancellor Ocato praised him for saving everyone... That's when I truly understood what had happened!


He wasn't Mythic Dawn, he was to good, must be... Morag Tong, or Dark Brotherhood, either way Ocato must have hired him to kill the Septims so he could take over, and his assassin hired the mythic dawn to help him. Probably didn't expect Dagon to make a move like he did.

I will speak to Jauffre about this we must do something, they cannot get away with this.

I spoke to Jauffre, he said I have no proof! I showed him this journal he said it proves nothing, that I should destroy my book. He plans to help Ocato stabilize the empire, was Jauffre in on it to? I must find the truth.

The Black Horse Courier came, it seems the traitor of Kvatch walked the Pilgrims Way last month and is reforming the Knights of the Nine, he'll need a better cover to fool me.


All the pages after this had been removed, approximately three-hundred pages, perhaps one day they will they will be rediscovered as this book was.