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    Character Backstory

    February 26, 2014 by Jed w

    I have had this obsession with giving my character a rich and detailed backstory since I first played Morrowind. I don't know why, but playing as a character who has a motive, a reason to do the things they do, makes the game so much more interesting to play.

    There is one character I have carried from Morrowind, hopefully all the way into the Elder scrolls online. He has the most intricate of backstories I am capable of dreaming up and, mainly for my sake, I am going to write it here. And on the off chance that somebody actually reads this, that can only be a plus. So, here goes.

    Saskah Fyr is the illegitimate son of Divath Fyr, born to a breton maid in 3E 407. Knowing that raising a child would not only ruin his reputation but impede his ab…

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