I have had this obsession with giving my character a rich and detailed backstory since I first played Morrowind. I don't know why, but playing as a character who has a motive, a reason to do the things they do, makes the game so much more interesting to play.

There is one character I have carried from Morrowind, hopefully all the way into the Elder scrolls online. He has the most intricate of backstories I am capable of dreaming up and, mainly for my sake, I am going to write it here. And on the off chance that somebody actually reads this, that can only be a plus. So, here goes.

Saskah Fyr is the illegitimate son of Divath Fyr, born to a breton maid in 3E 407. Knowing that raising a child would not only ruin his reputation but impede his ability to perform his experiments, he made shady arrangements with other high ranking members of his house to have the infant boy shipped off to the imperial prison in Cyrodil. The boy was raised there, and while others would sleep or eat or sit blankly in their cells, longing for their freedom, the boy would just sit there, not knowing any different. Whilst I do not know exactly what happened to the breton maid, it can be assumed that she ended up rotting in the Corprusarium, a fate later shared by many others.

Whilst he had no books to learn from, the boy had inherited a serious natural aptitude for magic, and would simply sit in his cell, casting illusions to pass the time, much to the confusion of the other prisoners. By the age of 18, he would regularly conjure daedra for company, at times even communing with Azura herself. In the year 3E 427 however, an urgent message was sent from the emperor himself that the now grown child be released to Vvardenfel in Morrowind, with no explanation or reasoning. Despite this, an order from the Emperor could not be ignored, and so the man was sent on a prison ship to Seyda Neen, along with a man who would one day become Saint Jiub.

It was from this point that I began playing the character, Naturally becoming a mage and joining Great House Telvanni. He avoided the Mages Guild, more than aware of it's Imperial connection and still harbouring resentment from his 20 years of unfair and unexplained incarceration. Nevertheless, his story went on, leading up to the inevitable event of his Corprus Disease. On the advice of a friend, he headed to Divath Fyr, unaware of their blood relation. Again, I do not know if Divath Fyr was aware that he was aiding his son, but whether he was oblivious or regretful of his earlier actions, he aided Saskah in curing his Corprus, with the unexpected side effect of immortality. Again, his story continued, his power increasing and reputation spreading, before his final confrontation with Dagoth Ur. This story ended as expected and he was renowned as the hero of Morrowind, providing counsel and routing discourse for the 50 years that followed. It was then that he volunteered for an expedition to Akavir, feeling that his work in Morrowind was done, and so set off towards the mysterious continent.

Unfortunately, the expedition was doomed to fail, with the ship sinking in the middle of the ocean due to an unexpected storm surge. The majority of the crew were killed instantly, with the exceptions being Saskah and a mortally wounded priestess of Azura. Her final wisdom was that Saskah needed to travel back to Vvardenfel, for the island was in turmoil, before dying, her work finished. Whilst it took all of his strength, he swam for two years with the assistance of waterbreathing spells. When he arrived, he found the island coated in a deep layer of ash, with many buildings destroyed and people dead. Knowing that there was nothing left for him here, Saskah Fyr journeyed into Skyrim, Dazed and Dismayed by the destruction of his homeland.

Aimlessly wandering through the west of Riften hold, he was seized by Imperial troops, further cementing his hatred. On escaping, he ignored the advice he was given, giving most towns a wide berth on his journey to Winterhold where he was told he could find the last few of the Telvanni remaining. He joined the college on arrival, learning the magics that the Telvanni could not teach him, and over the course of the next three years he was accepted and later revered within the college and so naturally, with the death of the previous archmage, he was put forward for the position. He undertook a series of projects, from understanding the secrets of the dragons and dwarves to gathering elder scrolls.

Eventually, He journeyed to Solsteim, and it was here that he found some remaining Telvanni. He began further experimentation on the Elder Scrolls, now armed with the knowledge of Hermaus Mora, the Daedric lord of knowledge, which he had procured from the black books scattered across the Island, and finally devised an experiment. Using the power of the remnants of the heart of Lorkan, Keening, one of kangrenak's tools, and the soul of an Ideal master from the soul cairn, contained in Azura's star, he managed to make the scroll a door where previously it was a window, and entered, knowing not what was on the other side.

This is when he will be transported 1000 years back, and will hopefully take part in the Elder scrolls online.

Please for give the lack of Oblivion from the backstory, I never had the game. And whilst the details in Morrowind and Skyrim are vague, most people know the story anyway so I felt a full explanation wasn't necessary. If anybody actually bothered to read this, your interest is appreciated, and I look forward to the future of Elder Scrolls.