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    Ok so I was looking at the gameplay trailer for Skyrim again when I noticed a comment from someone who claimed to have information on more DLC's for Skyrim. So naturaly I went and checked out his video. Here is a Link to it. And one on the articale that he feature in his video.

    According to the information that he had found. One will be slightly smaller than Dragonborn and the other will be larger.

    So as regards the first DLC its is said to focus more on the cultur of Skyrim , the Nords and the snow Elves and even the Dwemer.

    The second and bigger than Dragonborn DLC sounds like somthing that we have all wanted for a while. It focuses on the choosing of a new King of Skyrim and guess what, the war with the Elves (I'm assuming the Thalmor.)


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