This is is the full account of the battles in the Tournament of Legends. This is part one: it chronicles the battles of Round 1 from The Eternal Champion Vs. Lord Harkon to Sheogorath Vs. Talos.

Akatosh got bored. As the Immortal God of Time, he had a lot of free time, so this happened often. However, this time, he had a hankering for battle. He decided that he would summon 64 of the greatest warriors of all time. They would fight each other in a Tournament. When They died, they would be replaced to thier proper time, alive, as to not disrupt the course of history. This is a full report of the battles, one by one.

The Eternal Champion Vs. Lord Harkon

As soon as Akatosh explained what was happening, Harkon spared no time at attacking his matchup. He turned into his Lord Form, and charged full speed at the Eternal Champion. Harkon threw him in the air with vampiric grip, and then pulled him close. As he was choking, however, the EC took advantage of the proximity and stabbed Harkon in the chest. Harkon stumbled, and fell, and the Eternal Champion sliced off his head.

The Agent of Daggerfall Vs. Mannimarco, King of Worms

The Agent used Shock Magic to stop Mannimarco from using magic. Mannimarco put a ward, however, and blocked the magic. As Mannimarco was Warding, the Agent shot him with a bow. Mannimarco staggered, but he did not fall. He counter-attacked by sending a bolt of pure death at the agent, striking him in the heart.

The Nerevarine Vs. Ulfric Stormcloak

The Nerevarine threw the Spear of Bitter Mercy at Ulfric, and hit his arm. Ulfric used Unrelenting Force, and the Nerevarine went flying, but he quickly recovered and sliced Ulfric to peices.

Legate Rikke Vs. Galmar Stone-fist

Galmar charged Rikke with full animosity, but Rikke ducked, and smacked Galmar in the back of the head with her Gladius' hilt. Galmar stumbled, but recovered, turned, and swung his weapon full strength. Again, Rikke ducked, then she ran Galmar thruogh. "The bigger they are..." she mumbled.

The Numindium Vs. Dagoth Ur

Dagoth stared down the huge machine, waiting for it to make the first move. It did not. He stared. It did not move. He stared. It did not move. Dagoth was so angry, he blindly charged the Brass God. His folly cost him his life. The Numindium simply lowered it's fist, and crushed Dagoth Ur.

Mehrunes Dagon Vs. Alduin

Mehrunes sent Dremora at Alduin, but the dragon just clawed through them. Alduin blasted Mehrunes with fire, but it had no effect. Dagon raised his hand, and Alduin drown in a flood.

Vivec Vs. The Stormcloak Army

The entire Stormcloak force was facing a floating cross-legged Chimer. This would be easy. The army charged at Vivec. However, When a soldier got within striking distance of Vivec, they poofed to the back of the charge. after an hour of this, the Stormcloaks all were just too tired, and fell to the ground, panting and exhausted. 

Sheogorath Vs. Talos

The god of war charged at the Mad God. Talos tried every tactic he knew, but Sheogorath's complete unpredictibility was no match for him.