Hi, Jett Cyber here!

So, I saw the Fantasy Food Fight, and I thought "Hows about we have a Tournement here?"

So, I took 32 of the strongest charecters in The Elder Scrolls, and put them in matches. We're gonna vote for who we think who would win in each matchup, and the person (or god, or Daedra, or group) with the most votes moves on.

However, 32 is not that many, so I decided on 64. You, as the Community will say in the comments who you want to see in the tourney. 

So far I have: 

The Eternal Champion Vs. Lord Harkon

The Agent of Daggerfall Vs. Mannimarco, King of Worms

The Nerevarine Vs. Ulfric Stormcloak

Legate Rikke Vs. Galmar Stone-Fist

The Numidium Vs. Dagoth Ur

Mehrunes Dagon Vs. Alduin

Vivec Vs. the Stormcloak Army

Sheogorath Vs. Talos

The Hero of Kvatck Vs. the Skyrim Dark Brotherhood

Stendarr Vs. Mara

Magnus Vs. Zenithar

Mirrak Vs. The Ebony Warrior

Odahviing Vs. a Legenday Dragon

Lydia Vs. Faendal

The Reaper Vs. Vurthuryol 

Nazeem Vs. Heimskr

Mudcrab Merchant Vs. Tahriel

Hadvar Vs. Ralof

Tolfdir Vs. Falcar

Ra'kheran (Skyrim) Vs. Ra'kharen (Shivering Isles)

Paarthurnax Vs. Jagar Tharn

Agronak gro-Malog Vs. Farkas

J'zargo Vs. J'skar

Movarth Piquine Vs. Serana

Nazir Vs. Angahran

Brynjolf Vs. Corvus Umbranox

Hannibal Traven Vs. Savos Aren

Cyrus (Redguard) Vs. Cyrus (Oblivion)

Ysgramor Vs. Tiber Septim (When he was a mortal)

Commander Caius Vs. Hieronymous Lex

Hircine vs Molag Bal

Pelinal vs. Underking

OK, we have our 64, I'll start making Round 1 now!