• Jimmy-maxfield


    September 22, 2010 by Jimmy-maxfield

    Here are a few of the rules that I will abide by in my Character's Blog:

    1. Once I'm dead, I'm dead

    2. No tutorial thing...

    3. Will remain in character

    4. No Vampirism

    5. No Romance (and definitely no sparkling!)

    6. No crime (unless it funny)

    7. No reading through conversations

    I finally managed to get from Skaven to Cyrodiil, and ... WOW! This place is so beautiful, all the trees, all the green, i can even see the Imperial City from up here. I walked, not ran, in my finest Iron armour, and my Battle-mage's hood through the thick forests and lush grasses as I descended toward White Gold Tower. Firstly, however, I thought I'd get the blood pumping a bit.

    Through the Thick trees I noticed the distictive white stonework of the Ayleid structures dotted…

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