New Races

Okay I think there should be new races, powers, and spells. I think the new race should be a Satyr
  • Pan God of Animals
  • Satyr Warrior
  • Satyr
whos power would calm animals and make them fight for you. The Satyrs god is Pan the God of Animals. I've actually thought about this race alot and they should have extra stamina and have a sort of gallop. If you kill a Satyr they drop Leg of Goat There should also be a Shrine of Pan and if you weren't a Satyr you can just activate it and you would get the power where you could calm animals and make them fight for you.Ok the other new race should be a Dwarf who tend to be to the waste of another NPC. Most NPC Dwarfs should have big fluffy beards. My version of a dwarf is reddish-brown hair and beards they are obese but not to obese they like usually mine or if not they where leather armor and hunt. Forgive my short Dwarf part I was in a rush I will add on!

New Enemies

I think some new enemies should be Minotaurs who have clubs smaller than a giants and more appealing not just a tree branch with an oval shaped rock tied to it.

  • Minotaur #1
  • Minotaur #2
  • Minotaur #3
  • Minotaur #4
  • Minotaur #5
  • Minotaur #6
  • Minotaur #7
  • Minotaur #8

They drop Minotaur Horn(s) and they drop around 25-50 gold.

They are very strong they don't need to where armor. There strong points are Two-Handed and Smithing. They have the same amount of Stamina and Speed as a Satyrs.

New Weapons

Ok I think that they should add new Ingots and Ores like obsidian and you can you the obsidian ingots to make Weapons and Armor.
Obsidian Weapons

Obsidian Sword, Greatsword, Mace, WarAxe, and GreatAxe