HI there i dont go here alot but i got a great idea from the fallout wiki for a DnD like rpg that is pen and paper

the game is sent up for weekly events the players are more than welcome to interact with oneanother via comments but all the the stuff that happens we be my idea but you desison events will move along when all players have posted there reactions on the blog and at least once weekly

The layout for the game is a group of adventurers who decide to to travel with one another for Each with his or her own agenda. I will pick my ten most favorite charecters for this (NOT one member from each race just my favorite ones ) to qualify you MUST BE SIGNED IN and fulfill the following requirerments

CLASS: Have to pick one. Choose wisely decides your starting equipment W= Starting weapon A=starting aparell S=known spells ST=curent stats Magic Health and stamina M=all misc items including soulgems and potions and even lock picks. PO means potion of

NOTE all players are rather low levels only level five

  • Thief: W:steel dagger A:lether armor, lether boots S:muffle,charm ST: Magic=100 Health=150 stamina=100 M:14 lockpicks 3 POH
  • Mage: W:None A:mages robe boots S: sparks,mage light ,reanimate corpse,oakflesh ,heal ST:magic 150 health:100 Stanima :100 M:3 POH, 5 POM 1 Petty soulgem (no soul)
  • Warrior: W: iron sword A:iron helmet, iron armor, iron gaulets, iron boots,Banded iron shield S:none ST:magic 100 health 120 stanima 130 M:5 POH 2 POS
  • Assassin: W:steel dagger A:all leather armor S:muffle,invisable ST:magic 110 health 120 stanima 120 M:10 lock picks 2 POH 2 PODH
  • Healer: W:iron dagger A:preist robes S: heal, healing hands ,turn undead, steadfast ward ST: magic 140 health 110 stanima
  • Berserker W: iron battle axe A: fur everything S:heal ST: magic 100 health 150 stanima 100 Misc: none
  • Scout W: Hunting Bow A: scaled everything S:heal ST:magic 100 health 130 staninma 120 M: 7 POH
  • Nightblade W:steel dagger A: necromancers robes S:muffle, invisableity ST: magic 120 health 110 stanima 120 M:4 POM
  • Battlemage W:iron mace A:Steel armor S:flames, heal,firebolt, fire rune ST:magic 120 health 110 stanima 120 M: 3 POH 2 POM

all start with 250 gold

RACE: you should know them all only the living ones really only affects conversasion and back story

IF you survive till the end of the adventure you can win one of 3 trohies

The richest have the most money

the deadliest kill the most enemies

the lukiest escape death the most times

Back story(optional): while optional it could be the thing that gets you in the game as i love a good back story

thanks for playing sincerly JMAN1997