Hello Elder Scrolls forumers,

During my usual daydreaming session in Informatics class, a thought occured to me.

We've all gotten used to the fact that when we need to change a certain value in the Elder Scrolls series, the game will briefly pause, perform said action, and then continue in the normal speed.

For example, when you're trying to pickpocket someone, the game freezeframes, giving you the time to sift through their belongings and make your choice.

Some people (like me) go so far as to press F5 before trying such a thing, and to press F9 should they fail.

Now, I believe it's safe to assume that I'm not alone in this, and that my experience with the Elder Scrolls series would be vastly different. Every action would have immediate consequences.

I've writen this thread to imform you all that in an MMORPG like The Elder Scrolls: Online, Quicksaving and Pausing is impossible. As this affects you all in different ways, please use this thread to discuss the matter.

How would you feel about an Elder Scrolls game where everything you do has immediate and irreversible consequences?

Note: I'm sorry if this thread is difficult to read, I really shouldn't write this during class, looking over my shoulder all the time ;)