OK so im gonna do this. As we known there have been 3 DLC now and im gonna talk about them but not so much yhen i ask a question which you can see in the title, i guess. ok here we go. i will also give each dlc points like this: +/+ one which is unofficial which is one that i think i will give to the dlc and other is the official which is the one that i have played

Note: i have not played any DLC only watch videos of them

Dawnguard: the 1st DLC famous for the Vampire lord power and the perk that comes with it. it also has dragonbone weapons which wasn't in the base game, i have no idea why but whatever. i like this dlc mostly because of the vampire lord, the vampirism fixing and some bugs but that just some patches which i think is in the dlc.

(unofficial) Points: 8/10

(Official) Points: ?/10

Heartfire: The 2nd DLC, i will not consider this as a dlc more like an update as it only does is: can build your own house and adopt children which they could have base game but instead they made it to a dlc. and another thing i don't understand is why can't you have your own children with your wife or husband. i see this as a between useless and useful dlc

unofficial) Points: 5/10

(Official) Points: ?/10

Dragonborn: The 3th DLC famous for the rideable dragons and the bend will shout. it includes a setting called solstheim with some new armor and weapons as we like. i don't have any more things to say about this dlc, so yeah.

unofficial) Points: 7/10

(Official) Points: ?/10

Ok here comes the question are you ready

So do you think there will be more dlc or not i mean there are 3 dlc out now so i guessing there will be two more if they make any more dlc.

bye for now.

Update: There will be no more DLC but a legendary edition will be released on june with all the dlc and patches