I think they should make a DLC where you fight off the Thalmor. So, how I think it should start is, after you finish the civil war quests, you get the option to speak to General Tulius if you side with the Empire, or Ulfric Stormcloak if you side with the Stormcloak Rebellion, and they give you a note to deliver to the leader of Hammerfell (only get to go to Hammerfell for this one quest) to request help from the Redguard army to defeat the Thalmor, seeing as how the Redguards fought the Thalmor out of Hammerfell themselves. So once you have gotten the Redguard army to help you, you return to Skyrim, where you will fight the Thalmor forces out of Skyrim. Once this is complete, you sail to the Summerset Isles to defeat them. Please comment your opinions of my idea. I have posted this in the forums too if any of you have seen it there also.