JoshofBlades back with another rant you've all come to love or in some cases hate.

By now we all know of the State of Argonia, which encompasses Black Marsh, Morrowind, Vvardenfell and some smaler Islands in Morrowinds jurisdiction(Solsthiem remains in Imperial hands). Way to go Argonians coming out of nowhere for the win. But what do you think they stand to gain from this mighty conquest? I'm sure most of you will agree, I belive vengance on the Dunmer for the oppression aginst their kind with slavery and just the raids into their beloved home. But also for Morrowind's rich Ebony, I bet the head honcho's in Black Marsh are loving that income.

Now let's look on a larger scale (get it, Scale hahahaha). Do any of you think Argonia will play a larger role in a future game? Cause now Tamriel is divided between 4 possibly 5 major powers (Independant Hammerfell, Argonia, the Aldmeri Dominion, and the Imperial Empire, and possibly Independant Skyrim).

I think besides another "Great War" with just the Empire and the Dominion, I sense a huge Tamriel wide war coming where anyone with a stake in land will be gearing up.

Comment your thoughts below and I'll try to interact as I am able, sorry this was a short one, and to those who follow me sorry I took so long to make a new one.