As you read the title you may think I don't know what the Forsworn are around for, but I do I just thought the title was a tounge twister and would make you read it. :) JoshofBlades here and I'd like to talk about the Forsworn.

We've all been killed by them, either by a lucky sword strike or a crazy ass spell! But let's talk a bit more in depth, the Forsworn are the orginal inhabitants of the Reach, namley the city we know as Markarth. Now the Forsword were driven out of Markarth by Ulfric Stormcloak who is also leader of the Stormcloaks (NO WAY!). His conquest of the Reach for the Empire was a great achivement for the Empire.

When Ulfric used his Thu'um and his band of Warriors to take Markarth he created a City, a City created homes, jobs, productivity and all that generates money, and money makes Nirn go 'round. Now some may say it isn't the safest City in Skyrim (true), but a productive one nonetheless. But with this new City came the Forsworn >epic music<.

So my thought on the Forsworn are that they do not deserve control of the reach as they contributed nothing to Tamriel as a whole, the way they live is old tribal Breton style and that I belve is not the way to go. All the resources would go to waste when they are clearly needed to fight the Civil War. SO MARKARTH FOR THE EMPIRE!!

The Forsworn are just another group of Bandits barley worth the hides they wear for clothing! So kill them, burn their camps, and destroy their homes as you find them. They would do the same to you.

What is everyone else's thoughts on the Forsworn, should they control the Reach? Or even more? Be sure to comment below as I love to hear from all of you. JoshofBlades (talk) 23:45, December 10, 2011 (UTC)JoshofBlades