We all know the Nerevarine, savior and Horator of Morrowind in one of it's darkest hours the "Vvardenfell Crisis". For those of you who don't know here's a quick recap, your born under a certain date and the Emporer send you East, to Morrowind the province of the Dunmer to fufil the Nerevarine prophecies CAUSE the Emporer sees a useful ally in someone like that.

Well long story short, you make decisions about stuff do quests and eventually stop Dagoth Ur's plot to conqure Morrowind and wage war on the Empire blah blah blah. Now after all the hard work and counteless hours we've all put into our Morrowind characters why would Bethesda write canon to where Nerevarine went to Akavir and abandoned the land they faught so valiantly for?

In my opinion the Nerevarine could have helped boost the spirits of Morrowinds populace cause having such a legendary hero fighting on your side would make you feel invincable (metaphorically speaking). Also as the Horator and Soveriegn of Morrowind is it not Nerevarine's duty to stay and safeguard the land aginst any and all threats? YES!!

But instead of their duty what did the Reincarnate do? Take a trip to Akavir, now I have some thought on that so let me side track a bit here one thought is that they were maybe tracking down Akaviri Pirates or something to that effect, although the status of the expidition is unknown by the events of Skyrim (200yrs later) it can be safe to assume Nerevarine is dead unless they tapped into some crazy ancient power and is still alive fighting some Akaviri evil that threatens Tamriel (which is a sweet idea for a future game by the way).

But as long as we're looking at it from a third party stand point i.e. through my Blog Post we are assuming by this time Nerevarine is dead. So that means he left Morrowind and Vvardenfell in incapable hands, now tell me what kind of Soveriegn would leave the land they're destined to protect, just cause they got an adventuring itch? It is treason to abodon your post like that, and who knows maybe Nerevarine's presence couldn't have saved Morrowind during the Oblivion Crisis but it sure wouldn't have hurt to have such an influential person fighting the fight, we already knew they were capable.

So in my opinion, Nerevarine did save Morrowind in the "Vvardenfell Crisis" but one's actions and legecy are determined by how they handle their lowest moment, and in the their case, they didn't/haven't. So in my opinion while Nerevarine is a hero in the end their desertion cost Morrowind heavly, and eventually led to it's destruction. That is unforgiviable even for the Nerevarine. Noone hides from the Justice of JoshofBlades.

So if anything Nerevarine digraced the goodname of Indoril Nerevar by leaving his post so carelessly and dooming Morrowind to political and economic collapse, so we know of the good deed's the Reincarnate has done but the Dunmer should ever forget the loss of their home.

I hope you enjoyed this post, as always coment and leave your thoughts below and I'll interact as I am able. I love to hear from all of you. :) Once again the Wiki's worst blogger JoshofBlades! :D