Hey guys! I haven't been back in a while and I apologize. But it's me, JoshofBlade!!

Anyway, in my pervious blogs I dealt a lot with Skyrim and it's Civil War and my personal thoughts about the state of affairs in 4th Era Tamriel. Sometimes I would get questions from people usually along the lines of "Have you played anything other than Skyrim n00b?" or what have you. So to answer that, yes, yes I have. And today, I want to discuss one of my favorite Characters from the Series: Mannimarco.

Now, I have a theory about the King of Worms, hear me out. When first encountered (In Daggerfall), Mannimarco is a very powerful Lich and Necromancer seeking to use the Mantella to somehow turn himself into a God. Based on the Warp in the West or "Miracle of Peace" as it is sometimes called, I believe he did. As that event was a Dragon Break and all endings of Daggerfall occured simultaniously, it's probably safe to say that Mannimarco did in fact become a God right? This makes sense considering in Leafrot Cave the Necromancer Celedaen mentions in his notes "Meditating" and "Praying" to his Lord Mannimarco who then blessed him with the knowledge of how to turn himself into a Lich. In my opinion, based on what I know, the only people able to grant visions along those lines are the Nine Divines (Praying at the Wayshrines and speaking to Pelinal is one example) and the Daedra (like Vaermina's power in the Skull of Corruption causing the citizens of Dawnstar nightmares).

I believe though, and this is where it might get a little odd, but I believe he DID and DID NOT become a God. I believe the Dragon Break caused Mannimarco to ascend to Godhood while simultaniously altering the Timeline in a way that he remained bound to Nirn still as the same Necromancer and Lich he was. But this in turn also offers confusion, the fact that Mannimarco was even a Lich can be contested. He certainly didn't look like a Lich when I saw him last, he looked like your standard run of the mill Altmer to me. I believe that Dragon Break cause a disruption in Space Time causing one Mannimarco to become a God and the other to keep him Bound to Nirn, I believe the Mannimarco bound to Nirn may also have had knowledge of the Dragon Break, though this is purely speculation. I think in a way, he might not have cared about Death, maybe the Mannimarco that leads the attack on the Mage's Guild was aware of his Godly counterpart. Or maybe the Altmer we met was only a vessle and he wasn't actually destroyed? Maybe only banished for the time being.

I apologize if this was out of order or sounds not well thought out. When dealing with disruptions in space time, things tend to get a bit fuzzy and complicated for me. Especially talking about merging and converging timelines.

Anyway, let me know what you all think, do you agree? Or am I a total moron? As always, I love to hear from you all! JoshofBlades (talk) 20:03, September 23, 2015 (UTC)JoshofBlades