Well everybody, JoshofBlades here and I'm gonna make you people hate me more and more. (Gods, I love it!)

Now listen up people who support me, Skyrim and Tamriel as a whole is in danger and no the Stormcloaks are only a fraction on the danger Tamriel faces, the real enemy is the Thalmor! The oppresive and and violently social engineering government that runs the Aldmeri Dominion.

They seek to stamp out the lives and cultures of anyone who isn't an Altmer and we SHALL NOT stand for it any longer! People of Skyrim, go enlist in the Imperial Legion and together we can rebuild the glorious legecy of Talos and the beautiful, strong, prosperous, and feared Empire of Tiber Septim. We shall not sit idley (probably spelled wrong) by while Elf borns on a far off Isle seek to tear our true God-King's legecy asunder!

We shall quell these Stormcloak rebels, and we shall rebuild what little we have left of our once continental Empire! We shall soon take this battle to Elsweyre, and we shall liberate it! We will take this war to Valenwood, and we shall liberate it! We shall take this campaign to Summerset Isle and we shall correct this mistake called the Aldmeri Dominion!

If your any proud race of Tamriel and you wish to keep your culture alive and well then enlist in the Imperial Legion! True Sons and Daughters of Skyrim, quell Ulfric and the Stormcloaks who would easily be conquered by the Dominion in a heartbeat! Now more than ever Tamriel must band together cause the Thalmor are a growing and powerful threat! We need every able body we can get, be it, Argonian, or Khajiit, or Bosmer. If you can fight and you hold freedom dear to your heart, then the Legion is the place for you.

Tiber Septim tamed Tamriel using his Legion and if we are to continue this legecy of glory, honor, and victory, we shall tame Tamriel again! The seas will run red with the Blood of the oppressors, we shall bring the stench of war to their doorstep as they've done to ours! But most of all in a loud defiant shout we will declare our rights to worship who we want, live where we want, and just our right to live!

So please if you love your way of life, be it Imperial, Orcish, Bosmer or any other cultures or customs, please enlist in the Imperial Legion. When you serve the Empire, you serve equality. Thats a language all of Tamriel speaks. :)

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