Well I had no idea my last rant of Empire support would become so moderatly popular. So heres round 2. I don't know how long I will do Imperial vs. Stormcloak Blogs, but I'll try to do things fairly regular. (:

Let's begin, as stated in my last post, Ulfric's army is made up of Merc's and general Average Joe's of Skyrim. Now assuming he was able to force out the Legion garrison in Western Skyrim, how long do you think his untrained Rebel Army could hold power? Stormcloak Victory would bring much distress to Skyrim politically and violently, while each side has their ups and downs it can certainly be seen the Stormcloaks have many more downs than my beloved Empire.

One such down is the blatent racism in their capital of Windhelm. The docks while productive are a sad site for the Argonians who inhabit it and work it for such minimal fees. As you may have noticed many Argonians and Khajiits aren't allowed in cities ruled by the Rebel Leadership, this is unacceptable! Sterotyping is a horrid way to classify, while it is known many Thives and Brigands belong to these races, it should also be noted some of the hardest workers come from their ranks as well, as they are forced to take on jobs for small pay and sweat for only a few Septims.

Another note worthy fact are the Thalmor of the Aldmeri Dominion. Now it is known that Tamriel has always been united under the Empire but also has long been a wanted targer for Akaviri Kingdoms and Raiders. Tamriel's current state is disaturous to say the least. Let's take a deep evaluation province by province.

Summerset Isle: Home to the Aldmeri Dominion and their seat of power for their Government the Thalmor. The Dominion emcompases the lands of Summerset Isle and Valenwood and has firm grips in both that is one large faction vying for control of the continent.

Valenwood: Valenwood if you all recall was taken by the Aldmeri Dominion and as I stated in my last post in more detail it was not a peaceful takeover.

Elsweyre: Home of fantasies favorite Cat People the Khajiits. By the time of Skyrim much of Elsweyre's affairs are unidentified so I won't say much to refute sounding stupid. But it is known to be independant.

Black Marsh: Also known as Argonia home to the.... You guessed it! Argonians! This land is under control of the Political and Military group the (I know it's probably wrong forgive my spelling) An' Xille who in a major way were heroes during the events of the Oblivion Crisis in Black Marsh, they have ceeded from the Empire. They are also known to have instigated war with the now virtually non-existant Dunmer homeof Morrowind as pay back for their past transgression with Slavery.

Morrowind: Morrowind home to the Dunmer(Dark Elves) and setting for the game of the same name. By the time of Skyrim Morrowind is in a very dark place (get it "Dark" like the Dark Elves haha :P) During the Oblivion Crisis Morrowind was immensly ruined the loss of Ald' Rhun was hard for house (Redoran?) I belive as they were forced to sacrifice their capital for the sake of biding time to escape the Deadra. It is also assumed that Fort Monmoth was destroyed due to it's close proximity to the town. But after the Crisis and all was said and done and great Martin did what Martin's do best. Morrowind had to rebuild and with the current state of affairs for the Empire, Imperial help wasn't an option. To make matter worst the Ministry of Truth came crashing down onto Vivec City instantly filling the crater with water from the Sea of Ghosts triggering an eruption within Red Mountain and the destruction of Vardenfell and Morrowind as a whole forcing the helpless Dunmer to flee to Solsthiem, Skyrim and anywhere else possible. But the ruling party of Black Marsh began raiding Morrowind in the name of revenge and Morrowind couldn't handle that at all. But thats a tale for another post.

Okay....... For the sake of not killing my finger's let's just shorten this a bit. Tamriel is in danger people. The less power hungry people we have vying for it the better. Despite your personal belifes on the Worship of Talos or Nord's ability to rule themselves, you must look at the bigger picture. A divided Tamriel is easy pickings for Akavir, and Pyandonea. Those are not the people we need ruling our day to day lives here. With the Empire at the helm in Skyrim we can begin to bring back the glory of Tiber Septim. Please on your adventures do things to help the Empire never hinder it. Tamriel need help and the Legion answers that call everyday.