• Js0414

    Gameplay After Ending

    August 18, 2011 by Js0414

    I made this discussion since I wanted to know some of your guys' ideas on how Bethesda can expand gameplay after you have finished the main storyline and all side quest. Having played Oblivion I found the lack of gameplay after the ending as being too little. Here are some of my ideas. I like how in Shivering Isle you became the ruler of this island and one of the DLC gave you your own castle. I liked how in Shivering Isle you were told about bandit attacks and you were given the choice of dealing with them yourself or ordering one of your guards to do it. I think Skyrim should add this, I think it would be great if you were given the chance to rule a certain town or city like Whiterun or Winterhold. I think bandits should disrupt your tow…

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