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    EoS Online Suggestions

    February 20, 2014 by JudasJane

    Personally, I am a woman who has played WoW for the last 8+ years and even with Blizz's new exspansion, and after being part of the EoS Beta there is NO way that I could continue to pay be bored and stressed out every time I log in. With that being said however, I do believe that  Bethesda/ ZeniMax should:

    A: Allow us to purchase an authenticator for our accounts to add extra security and to be quite honest, this would save Bethesda from the head-ache of reported hacked accounts, with less item/coin restoration. 

    B: Although the character customization is fabulous, I still believe that (especially Dark Elf) should have an option for a funky color of hair as well as an option to add more color to their lips.

    C: I would love a program to upload…

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