Personally, I am a woman who has played WoW for the last 8+ years and even with Blizz's new exspansion, and after being part of the EoS Beta there is NO way that I could continue to pay be bored and stressed out every time I log in. With that being said however, I do believe that  Bethesda/ ZeniMax should:

A: Allow us to purchase an authenticator for our accounts to add extra security and to be quite honest, this would save Bethesda from the head-ache of reported hacked accounts, with less item/coin restoration. 

B: Although the character customization is fabulous, I still believe that (especially Dark Elf) should have an option for a funky color of hair as well as an option to add more color to their lips.

C: I would love a program to upload our own "world of logs" so to speak. This would promote more competion which in return would keep gamers continuing their subscriptions! (As well as a website to "look up" a character to check their/our achievments, guilds, completed dungeons, and other progress.

D: Add-ons! I know that Curse has Skyrim add-ons but really hoping to have some for EoS Online. It would just be so much nicer to see our damage per second as well as have the option to adjust our action bars. Have a mini-map that we can display as we are going from point A to B. Waypoints would be great. 

Other than a few more modifications, I am beyond thrilled to see a fresh, new, outstanding MMORPG! I am really hoping to see more in the "Store" such as vanity pets/ mounts and game-time cards. 

...the anticipation awaits me for the next 8 days! 

Thank You Bethesda and ZeniMax! Great Job!