Disclamer: Sorry for my mispelling, getting good at typing fast, but still not at the expert, so please exucse my spelling errors

I have just got oblivion a bit ago and I played skyrim but, need some help on making a character that I want to play in Oblivion. I have look and research how the leveling system works and I have looked up video's and guides. One video explain how to expliot the system in which if you wanted to play a warrior you pick a mage race so that the combat skills would be low for them and you don't pick major skills that you would use. instead have them as minor skills to increase the atributes more and pick major skill you can level up that you won't use but can level up. For example he said he's going to use blunt weapons but he picked blade as a major skill so when he increases blunt it won't won't count to his level and use blade to level up when he's ready. the same with light and heavy armor. I just want to know if that's an effective way to do it. He basicly described it as counter intuative

Or should I just pick a race that is good at the style I want to play like a warrior I would play as a Orc or Red guard and put the skills and brith sign to increase my play style to the max. 

One thing I've learned in Skrim is that Race doesn' matter to much when making a character in reguarding skills. Can the be said for the same in Oblivion in some ways? I'm just curious.

Two races I'm thinking of doing is either a Dunmer warrior or Impearial Knight and I sorta wanna do a Khajiit with either of those to play styles, I want to play as a Khajiit as a noble instead of a theif as people see. I would thank anyone for the help in anything of advice.