Why Zinimax, just WHY!

Why do you throw in some many Exclusive bonuses for people who pre-order the game? Why should a person be more special than me just because he bought the game before I did! 

I know why you're doing this Zenimax, its the Cash isn't it. You are using your INGAME pre order bonuses as a Buisness attraction, right? I can tell you're doing this because in my prospective even EA couldn't match this Money grabbing technique, and I know what you might say Zenimax is a buisness and it must make money and Bla bla bla, yeah and so, you know what its called; making video games with passion Take care of the customer and buisness will take care of itself and what I'm seeing you're doing the complete oppsite. I can understand the Monthly fee because its an MMO and its needs maintenence aswll as updates but what I don't understand is why do you have a MONTHLY fee as well as a INGAME SHOP, why on earth do you use our hard earned money not to do UPDATES and MAINTAIN the game but to add items that we can by with more money? You're greedy thats why, You don't care about the customer satisfaction but only their wallet. now that I'm done with my speech lets get onto why I don't like the Pre-Order Bonuses and the Imperial Edition Bonuses.

First lets start off with the Pre Order bonuses: (Note I'll cover every Bonus included in both the Pre-Edition and Imperial Edition, I'll start with the ones I don't mind)

  • 5 days early access(PC/MAC only) - Presonally I don't mind that, I am aware that many MMO's have done this in the past and its no big deal for me, I think WoW have did it but I'm not sure
  • Scuttler Vanity Pet - Though this is an Ingame bonus, it doesn't really affect the gameplay much if not in any way, I know previous MMO's have done this in the past and either way its a cute little thing to have :P
  • Bonus treasure maps - Many people don't see this as a problem but I do, why should a player get extra Gold, equipment and even rare items just because he Pre ordered the game, this is part of many things MMO players hate.... Pay to win, just because someone has payed for the game earlier than me it means he'll get access to FREE loot, and I know what you might think People will be able to locate these chests anyway through wiki's and other social media but what if the Chests only appear just to YOU so YOU could get hold of items any players could not.
  • Play any Race in ANY Alliance - When Zenimax first announced the game they spoke about Faction Pride of how the player will feel passion when representing their faction, this 'Bonus' takes that pride away, takes that feel of representing your Faction in battle away, keep in mind thousands upon thousands of players have Pre-Ordered game. Zenimax do YOU realise that with you're Wallet fetching methods are breaking the LORE! what sense does this make; thousands of Nords fighting for the elves on Aldmeri Dominion against the other Nords of the Ebonheart Pact? The Nords had hundreds of Battles against the Elves in the past Era's, The Nords hate the Elves! the Elves have enslaved and betrayed their kin in the past always thinking themselves prior to men so why would they accept a Nord to their Dominion? it makes no sense and by my point of view its a game breaking Bonus

Now lets do the Imperial Edition, keep in mind I'll only do the Ingame Bonuses

  •  Imperial White Horse Mount - Just like other MMO bonuses, I'm not sure if it affects the gameplay much but I heard a rumour that Horses in TES online cost 40k EACH, why would Zenimax do such a thing? just to make people buy the Imperial Edition? I'm not sure Always assume rumours are false rather than true but if I find that horses in TES Online ARE 40k I will be angry that someone who paid 20$ extra gets a free horse while I have to work my arse of for a few months just to afford, I hope I'm wrong.
  • Rings of Mara (Marry a player and get more XP when Playing with them) - I've got two opinions about this one, WHY are you restricting me from marrying other players just because I haven't bought the Imperial Edition? When I played Skyrim I did not have to buy a 'Marry NPC DLC for 20$ so why do I have to now, its something that SHOULD be in the game and NOT require a special edition of the game to obtain it, so why now, why restrict me to something simple as marriage? now the secend reason why this annoys me is Because Earn more XP when playing with them XP a player who gets the Imperial Edition will not only get a feature that I will not get, but will get more xp when playing, so now WHY should someone get to Level up faster just because they paid more $$$$ for the game, its once again a Pay to win technique, WHY should a player get the oppurtunity to get to that Level 50 mark faster then me just because he paid more, why are people who paid more for the game that supperior, why are you Handicapping us Zenimax? why are you making us less capable of leveling up than those who put in more cash into.
  • Play as an Imperial - This is unacceptible Zenimax, what happend to the Play as you want thing you've beeing talking about, WHY are you taking a RACE a key part of the TES series and turning it as an Buisness attraction, 'Play as you want'  Zenimax you are breaking your own motto 'Play as you want' for an extra 20 bucks of course. You made me and alot of the other TES community angry Zenimax, you have taken out a race which puts you in the same class as EA you have taken away from the game and are charging for it, You did not keep in mind you customers your consumers, all you kept in mind is THEIR WALLET! What you could have done is instead of haveing your 'Play in any alliance as any race' bonus, you could have made the Imperial race able to play in any alliance, it wouldn't break the lore in any way because it would make sence, Cyradiil the homeland of the Imperials is getting ripped apart by the Daedra, it would make sence if they were able to join any alliance as an Imperial beCAUSE the Imperials would be downed in confusion and spread apart, so your excuse But many people would like to play in the same faction as their friends is invalid, I bet this was part of the initial idea, but no, lets throw in with our collecters edition instead! You didn't keep US the FANS in mind when you made those choices, so I will not keep you're bank account in mind when I tell people of your discrace to the TES community, I advise nobody to buy the Special editions of the Game to teach Zenimax a less.

(I tried really hard not to use colourful language when writing this)