• Every NPC would be doing something, instead of just sleeping or chattering
  • There will be a cameo from Jonathan Creek
  • Throat, one of the places in the game, will require the player to ascend 7,000 steps to reach it’s peak (High Hrothgar)
  • Skyrim’s spells attack will be better than that of Oblivion. They will look immediate and powerful, with the ability to dual wield any combination the player wants.
  • dragon shouts which will slow time will be a new feature in the series. There will be three levels of Dragonshouts. One of them is the Unrelenting Force, which will send people flying.
  • The ability to buy houses will return
  • Dragons can attack you anywhere.
  • Riverwood is the first village you will see
  • Wilbur will be your pet that will help you in fights.