- The map in the inventory will be slighty similar like Google Maps and will be in 3D
- You cannot make notes on the map
- There will also be some friendly dragons you can speak with
- Traders will be depending on what has been harvested, so if there is a cornfield in the city which gets destroyed by a fire, the traders in the city will run out of corn or you have to pay horrible prices
- The wind is going to have influences on the water
- Lockpicking is a minigame again
- There will be 8-9 settlements besides the 5 major citys
- Buying houses is in
- There will be kids in the land of skyrim
- They are planning to connect Skyrim with social networks like facebook

There are also three new screens

First one is a dungeon with some graves in the background, there are three Draugrs attacking you and in the background graves you can see a skeleton and a lying draugs

On the scond one you can see a typical nord farmhouse built on a mountain, looks so awesome, wanna to kill everyone inside and making it to mine

On the last one you can see the dragonborn in a cave, taking his sword with a draugr standing in front of him and a small stream is flowing.