• Beast races have humanoid legs Confirmed
  • Sneaking , Pickpocketing and lockpicking are separate skills Confirmed
  • Alchemical properties of ingredients are identified by experimentation or consumption ...
  • Performing alchemy to make new potions can be done at a workbench .
  • Aurora Borealis confirmed Aurora Borealis = Northern Lights
  • Salmon fish can be picked by hand from rivers .
  • Chickens exist and you can steal their eggs
  • Cows are confirmed
  • No blocking while dual-wielding
  • Foxs are confirmed
  • Fish jump in and out of stream
  • Books which zoom in and open and changing pages has a page flip animation.
  • Iron gate trap will be in that swing back and forth
  • You can collect Lavender and Tundra Cotton
  • You can bribe and intimidate guards
  • You can ask Bards to sing for you
  • Torchbugs and Luna-moths can be collected
  • You can add scars and face-paint in the character-creation menu
  • You can steal a horse and make a run for it without the guards catching you.
  • Lockpicking is similar to Fallout 3 , using 2 lock picks and rotating the lock to find the sweet spot.
  • Perk points can be stored and used at later levels.
  • The Stormcloak (The Rebels) fraction
  • Honeycombs are confirmed and you can acquire honey from them

More will be added to the list.


More be added later.