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- Todd confirms walls with loading on larger cities.
- Racism and racial conflicts are back, mostly between between Nords and Elves.
- Sneak uses eyeball that opens and closes depending on how visible you are.
- Alchemy changed a little from oblivion
- 50% of the dungeons are small 15 mins or so, half the dungeons are larger, epic 1-2 hour dungeons
- lots more puzzles and traps.
- Necromancers are in
- Nine Divines and Daedra in also, including some unique quests
- Mammoth, Deer, Elk and rabbits all confirmed
- Each creature has been really fleshed out, they have condiered things like, what they wear, where they live what sort of clutter they have in there camps etc.
- When you see giants in the game they are often with Mammoths.
- There are other creatures not yet mentioned but they are not talking about them yet.
- Armour, wood cutting, mining, cooking and ;working on leather' all included. They are not mini games you just click on them and do them.
- However some open small menu's such as cooking which shows all your foods you have + what you can make with it. This means there are cooked and raw versions of food