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  • Kakorot84

    Unlike the last post about skill trees, this one is for things in general that would really make werewolves vampires great. Of course there are mods, but this is how I feel they ideally should be. Oh, and I'm using level 50 as a reference for these(as of now). Do note that this is a rough draft and shall be edited to be more intelligible and more detailed.

    Human Form

    • Jump 50% more than base height
    • Unarmed attacks do 30 extra points of damage
    • Health/Stamina + 50 and regenerate 50% faster
    • Sprint 15% faster
    • 25% resistance to magic
    • 15 resistance to normal weaponry and 25% weakness to silver
    • Friendly with wolves
    • Night eye for 60 seconds
    • 25% damage resistance from falls
    • Receive no damage from falling when jumping
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  • Kakorot84

    [1] Based on that video as it shows a lycanthropy perk tree, there should also exist one for Vampirism. Of course, none of those exists...yet...

    I feel the vampire should become even stronger per stage. Seeing as vampires are supposed to be beings of legend that are more powerful than regular humans. Also, these effects would take place beginning on stage 2 and up only to regress to when the stage is lowered. If a skill does not level, it is activated during stage 4.

    • Fortify Health, Magicka, and Stamina by 200. So, they are naturally stronger in combat.
    • Fortify carrying weight by 100 per stage totalling 300. So they are naturally stronger.
    • Fortify unarmed strength by 20 per stage totalling 60. So they are naturally stronger.
    • Fortify resistance …

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  • Kakorot84

    As a werewolf, I usually just transform and slaughter everything in sight. Such as I have already eliminated all inhabitants of Kynesgrove and 1/4 of all major towns' populous.

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