Here are some my favorites game that I own and enjoy playing:

Counter-Strike 1.6: I love this game and still play. I learned to play CS when I was living in Korea back in 2002. The current version was 1.5. I started as a camper and eventually learned the joys of rushing. I really enjoy pubbing but I expanded my game way further than that. I joined communities where I would help admin servers, help others in forum boards and make new lasting relationships. I played for some great communities including CYA, Oakland High, .40 cal, Instinct Gaming and PGN. I founded the community Instinct Gaming, we were a group of friends who enjoyed playing with each other. We went on to join leagues such as CAL, CEVO, ECO and ESEA. I continue to dabble in league play but have slowed down recently. I currently admin and play at PGN. My favorites weapons are the AK, AWP and USP. Hit me up if you want to scrim sometime.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Similar to CS1.6 with improved graphics and maps. Grenades were changed as well. Not as popular as CS but just as fun. I also played CZ however I got into it far later than CS. I also joined leagues, setup servers and played with friends. I still game it up here and there.

Defense Grid: The Awakening: I love Tower Defense games. I loved playing TD maps on WCIII. Some TDs suck and others rock and this one, ROCKS! So many maps, so many mods, lots of towers, mobs, waves, destruction, hey storyline isn't bad either. There are scoreboards and you can check your world rankings. It's a very fun game, it's cheap to buy and totally worth the money.

Diablo Series: I loved 1 & 2 and from the BETA, I enjoyed 3. I still dabble in D2, the battlenet is online, people still play. D2 came out in 1999, everytime I play, total nostalgia. Many different characters, solid storyline, lots of items, rare finds, online play, even forum board trading with jsp. All of them are great games, I really enjoyed my time on these.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: The first TES game I played and I got instantly hooked. I love the Dungeons and Dragons feel. I also like the world immersive RPG style. This game is what I enjoy as far as genre. It has so much content and replayability that leads to countless of hours well wasted. I do own this for PS3 and the GOTYE Deluxe (9 DLC) for PC. I should replay through the Deluxe on PC one day. Heck I should play through the Morrowind GOTYE one day haha, so many hours of gameplay!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: As soon as I saw an ad for this, I freaked out with excitement. A new Oblivion! lol I ran to the store as fast as I could to pre-order this. Release day came, however, all the PC pre-orders never showed up to the store... are you kidding me! Oh well I got it a few days later and it lead to getting it for 50% off. Another great Bethesda game, I'm still working it and I love it. Oh I can't wait for the day when they make the MMO with the full world! I guess we have a few more segments before that arrives.

Fable Series: Another amazing series, the same genre type that I look for. With so many options and paths, it's like a choose your own adventure book! Ah gathering town crowds with my lute, hitting on the ladies. Heading down to the Arena smashing through gaining fame. Oh those were the days, wait a sec... /install Yay I can play again! Love these games.

Fallout 3 & New Vegas: Bethesda, I think I like them maybe even more than Blizzard now, wow. They make amazing games. So immersive, large worlds, tons of options, and Fallout 3 was nothing less than you'd expect from these guys. It's a shooter plus and RPG, seriously, you're pulling my heart strings. For any Action game junkie who loves their FPS games but was always interested in RPGs, this is the transition game for you! You have to try it, I've replayed it over and over, Super Behemoths don't get old lol. New Vegas the next installment of the series and Bethesda did it again, another great replayable world to dive into.

Killing Floor: FPS Co-op Survival Horror Game, now that's a genre! Cheap on your wallet, non-system heavy, multiplayer, single player, leveling, guns. This game is totally worth picking up. You can play with friends and mow down hordes of the undead. So much fun, there are achievements and leveling which makes playing rewarding. Tons of maps and Tripwire Interactive has events throughout the year. Hit me up if you want to play sometime.

Lords of the Realm II: Turn based fun right here. I enjoy Risk type games, I enjoy swords and castle genres, I enjoy turn based games, this has all the elements. It's oldschool, graphics suck and when you get good enough, it's impossible to loose, but hey I love winning! It's super fun, I've played it a million times, I'd love to find a new turn based game with fun that this had but up to date with recent times. I'm pretty sure you can DL this game for free, worth checking out if you love old games.

Warcraft II: I thoroughly enjoy this game. I liked the graphics, the gameplay, the genre. The storyline was absolutely amazing. This introduced me to RTS type games. I started on single player, then the battle chest came out with an online option, what fun. Both campaigns were fun, end-game was challenging, even had an xpac. This lead to my love of Blizzard games, this and Diablo 1.

Warcraft III: I loved 2, why not love 3, it was an updated online version of 2, more story, more characters, more maps, introduction of heroes and great mods. DotA started here which lead to other amazing hero based games, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, DotA 2 and I'm many others. This also was my intro to Tower Defense games. This paved the way for me to branch out to many games. Great game.

World of Warcraft: I love RPGs, I love MMOs, I love Warcraft and the genre, I was so excited when I heard about this coming out. I tried to get a closed beta account, no dice, but I started playing as soon as open beta came out. I loved being a Protection Warrior Main Tank, it was so fun. Countless hours wasted on this game and now I love MMOs so much more. So many expansions, so many people from all over the world. The best time waster I ever played! I'm looking for a new MMOs that will be as great as this, same genre type as this and TES, swords, armor, castes, spells, dungeons etc. However I'm looking for a closed beta, I want to get in early and make it my new game. Hit me up if you have any suggestions for upcomers.

Muds: Text based games. I played on zmud, played a mud called "Prophecy" based on the David Eddings Series " The Belgariad" and "The Malloreon". Fantastic books, fantastic games. Muds are great because they really get your imagination going, it's like reading a book but its a video game, it's hard to make it sound amazing, a game with no graphics, just reading, but trust me, they are really really fun. Lots of online MMOs qualities, lots of people to meet and lots of muds to choose from. Sometimes based off of books which also lead into a great series for more enjoyment. Worth checking out.

GoldenEye for N64: The console game I had to write about. This was highschool for me, split-screen multiplayer action. We knew what we were doing on the weekend... lol who am I kidding, everyday! Map target times kept it challenging, well kinda, head to head with your buddy, major bragging rights! I spent a large period of time on this game, some of that time I probably should have been in school but I don't regret a second. If you have a Wii, grab a classic controller and download this game, its awesome. Proximity mine in bunker 2 hallway!

That's a list of some of the great games I've played over the years. I hope you enjoyed this, thanks for reading. Kathoc (talk) 20:26, March 21, 2012 (UTC)