Recently, I started yet another new character with the sole purpose of breaking the game as much as possible by using the console. One long rampage later, I stumbled upon a few oddities and bugs - some of them known, and some new to me. Here, I want to document the most notable occurencies - this blog will be updated later as I continue the exploits.

Here's a bit of an introduction: to the character, Zhan the Khajiit, I did two modifications: enabled god mode and boosted his unarmed damage to the point of being able to kill most things with one punch (yes, he's the Onepunch-Cat). Over the course of the game, I spawned Chaurus Reapers wherever I went and killed NPCs myself as well, accumulating a massive bounty. Other commands I used were toggling collision, AI and scripts, as well as unlocking doors.

Now, for the observations. First off, NPC aggression starts to bug out at some point. You know how the loading screen claims that Hold Guards attack those with a huge bounty on sight? It doesn't always work, in fact, some guards were completely ignorant and didn't even give the "Wait, I know you" dialog. And yes, my bounty is excessively high in every hold.

Some NPCs would attack me on sight however, even a few random encounter ones that aren't supposed to be hostile. I suppose that was a glimpse into the inner workings of Skyrim's crime factions system. For example, Faldrus attacked me - apparently, he is in The Rift crime faction and has the No Crime morality. I managed to get a large bounty in Winterhold before I got anywhere near it - apparently it happened due to killing Voldsea Giryon and Kjar, who are in the Winterhold crime faction.

One memorable occurence was the way The Forsworn Conspiracy played out. Of course, being as buggy as it is, it didn't do it properly. The guards at the Talos shrine were hostile and didn't give me any special dialog. When I submitted and went to the mine, the quest didn't end or progress; I still killed everyone there. Since neither Borkul nor Madanach had keys or proper dialog, I cheated my way through the doors and exited the mine through the ruin. Then, I went back in and killed all guards present - and oddly, this finished the quest. The next one still didn't start, however. I know I could have triggered it with the console, but decided not to bother just yet.

Also, I was doing the Dark Brotherhood questline in the same manner, and it played out almost fine. Only a couple of bugs emerged, most notably the Incriminating Letter and Gourmet's Writ of Passage not spawning. There, I found ways to progress by setting quest stages.

During Dawnguard:

  • The Elder Scrolls failed to show up in my inventory, so I had to advance the quest with setstage. Due to this, I ended up with the glow from the moths stuck around me like an iridescent soap bubble. It got fixed after I did Alduin's Bane (was also glitched so I had to use the commands again).
  • I increased my own and Serana's speed, which caused Serana to glitch a lot - sometimes she was swimming through air, sometimes walking on it, sometimes diving underground.
  • The conversation with Gelebor failed to advance, and the only way I could fix it was by punching Serana.

During the main quest:

  • After Paarthurnax hit Serana with Fire Breath, I had to punch her again to advance the conversation. Really not liking this abuse I have to do.
  • I forced Quintus Navale to be my follower (and gave him a few "boosts" to make him not useless), and while I only gave him Miraak's Sword, he actually equipped a bow from nowhere and fired invisible arrows (which still hit the targets). He also randomly played idle animations of a non-follower NPC sometimes (and spoke lines like "Oh, what happened?").