Ok so I know what your thinking right? Your skeptical there is no way that "Old Salty" is the Merchant Mudcrab Easter Egg from TES:3 Morrowind right... Well today i've come to take you on a jouney... and not just and jouney but a logic jouney Damnit now it feels weird to say jouney.

ANYWAY back on track here... today my loyal skyrimers and skyrimettes i will prove to you that "Old Salty" is Merchant Mudcrab.

First we have to go all the way back to Morrowind and see the Muddificated Crab Merchant ourselves, now i know i cant show you guys but in TES:3 Merchant Mudcrab sold alcoholic beverages and he/she also had the highest amount of gold as a merchant in the base game.

Now snap back to the future and we find a larger named mudcrab named "Old Salty"... If we do kill this pathetic excuse of a enemy when we loot the Crabs body what do we find... besides the usual chitens and legs we find some gold and a tankerd. Now let me ask you this how many mudcrabs have you seen in skyrim besides "Old Salty" have gold 0 I TELL YOU, AND IN THE GAME WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE IN THE GAME DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OUT OF.... A TANKARD. Maybe even the name gives the mudcrab away, If this was really the Merchant Mudcrab from TES:3 he/she would be 200+ yearss old (and if you ask me thats pretty old) plus since the mudcrab is hostile i would say it is pretty "Salty"

So maybe now you might be a little convinced that this "Old Salty" is really the Merchant Mudcrab From TES:3 who had enough compitence to escape and survive the eruption of red mountian, Just MAYBE EVEN A LITTLE and if not thats fine.