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  • My occupation is Despoiler of worlds, defiler of souls, etc.
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  • Killerkidzz78

    So i have had Dragonborn for just a few days now, and already i have come across many awesome things.

    And i admit, some pretty weird things aswell. So, i just wanted to see if anyone else had found anything. Here is some awesome highlights:

    So i found this guys skull in the Glacial cave, and having already discovered the Castle Karstaag ruins, decided to see what happened. I was NOT expecting what came out! Be warned, anyone who hasnt seen him and is level 40 or below... dont try this at home!

    So east of the Skaal village there is an island, with a ruin and some Horkers living on it. HOWEVER, it is also the home of Lord Tusk. In my endless war against Horkerkind, i had to investigate, and now i am armed with Horkerbane, the ultimate Horker sl…

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