So i have had Dragonborn for just a few days now, and already i have come across many awesome things.

And i admit, some pretty weird things aswell. So, i just wanted to see if anyone else had found anything. Here is some awesome highlights:

Karstaag: Super boss

So i found this guys skull in the Glacial cave, and having already discovered the Castle Karstaag ruins, decided to see what happened. I was NOT expecting what came out! Be warned, anyone who hasnt seen him and is level 40 or below... dont try this at home!

Horker Island: Horkers beware

So east of the Skaal village there is an island, with a ruin and some Horkers living on it. HOWEVER, it is also the home of Lord Tusk. In my endless war against Horkerkind, i had to investigate, and now i am armed with Horkerbane, the ultimate Horker slayer...

Dwemer Airship, boat, thing

Uh, at the Moesring pass there is a crashed Dwemer boat. Anyone know what it is, please comment.

Of course, dont forget to mention any awesome weapons or quests you find too. Enjoy!