• King Toby

    dont steal Vilkas' sword

    February 9, 2012 by King Toby

    I am new to elder scrolls and when i started i really enjoyed stealing everything i could. I didnt even want to focus on any other skill, until i reached level 43 , then i wanted to join the companions, soo i went there and ended up slapping Vilkas around for him to "test" my skills, at which point he tried to give me his sword to go sharpen, and the game crashed. Well then i remembered i had stolen his and his brother's swords and fenced them lol. Yup i screwed myself . Its all good though cuz now i started a new game and can readjust some of my perks that will be more useful for me in the long run for me going against stronger enemies, such as instead of unlocking lockpicking perks i unlocked some alteration which is good for me for moreā€¦

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