Your in a prison a man is in the cell next to you and says he has a plan to escape u pick your race and gender and all the usual stuff then u escape and You go to visit the imperial palace and when you try to enter a guard says stop the emperor was killed in there then you get inheritance which is enough to buy a ship with a little remaining. You can join various guilds and the whole thing takes place in the 4th era . You are not in tamriel but you are on another continent of your choice on there and can travel all over Nirn on a ship You have to pay a leveled amount of gold to buy the ship then u can travel to tamriel and investigate the murder . And u can make money by being a pirate and join the new pirates guild. Upgrade your ship take over forts make settlements. Become the leader of a country of your pick such as morrowind or hammerfell. New Armors and weapons join all your old favorite guilds as well as new ones such as the synod one of the groups that split from the cyrodill mages guild. Compete in contests in smithing and alchemy and compete in the some kind of Olympics type thing in different places once a year (you'll get a message for this don't worry) you'll win prizes for competing .Search through aincent ruins and collect aincent artifacts and don't forget your daedric quests you just have to find a daedric shrine anywhere and be a certain level and do the quest. And if you have played previous games and have the data on the system your playing on you can put those previous people you have played as to rest by battle of course and get a reward from it the reward will depend on level. You can own a pirate hide out on a cove on a small island and make upgrades to it.have to do quests for them. I am not experienced with game making but people who are like modders plz contact me at would love for some names of course with elder scrolls at the end I will frequently update my ideas to this blog and ign I am open to all ideas but I might not do some there can be ruins depending on where you are like if you were in cyrodill it would be ayleid or skyrim dwemer or Nordic