"Fus Ro Dah!" "Oh sorry whiterun guard" said the dragonborn, who now used his time to play and prank the people of skyrim. "I'll need to ask you to stop... that whining it's making people annoyed". Said the dragonborn who shall now be called VH, even though he is not a vault hunter. "Shut up VH if only you hadn't slayed alduin this world would be better off destroyed" Said Jerry the funniest town guard, now I know what your thinking " why are there names for guards and what importance is Jerry" , trust me Jerrys important. Now back to the pranking and obnoxious VH "let me guess I stole a sweet ro-" "the mad sweet roll stealer finally , but why VH,why" "Me ?steal? Now that madness Hahahuhuh" Said the insane Cicero acting VH "because I want to make a wooden cariage put sweet rolls in it and say "kids get in the carriage I have sweets" and bring joy to the world." "That sounds odd but you've committed delicious crimes against skyrim and he people, what say you in your defense?" "VH is very sorry poor Jerry but I just don't have sweet rolls , or at least enough".--- authors note , series may or may not continue comment and the funny part can begin thanks sincerely kotn2