I did get a Beta test key and participated in one session. However since I have an older laptop with only 3GB of RAM I was forced to play on the lowest minimal settings to get a steady framerate. Because of this I found exploration very difficult. The textures were of course low res but the fact that I could see through walls is what made it so difficult to explore. I never even made it out of the tutorial area. Somehow I glitched myself out of bounds behind the walls in the cave area of the tutorial while trying to figure out how to reach a treasure chest I had spotted through some vines. I tried and tried to get back in bounds but ultimately just jumped into the void and commited suicide. After that I uninstalled what took days to download due to unreliable internet, having only participated in one beta test as I stated previously. Something that also bothered me is that I could not pick Imperial as my race which is my favoured race in Skyrim because it looks the most North American in my opinion, later I find out through an email from EB Games that you have to buy the Limited Imperial Edition of Elder Scrolls Online to play as an Imperial. I've also heard its going to be pay to play, $15 a month. Am I going to purchase this game? No. Even if it was on the 360, which I own Skyrim for.