Day one: I stride into Whiterun, with the intention to run up in the Cloud District and have a very personal conversation with the Jarl. I run past Nazeem, dreading the words that no-one can stop. "Do you get to the cloud district often? Oh, what am I saying? Of course you don't ". My body fuels with rage and I feel my werewolf beast blood nearly rise to the top, causing brief, but intense blurring of my vision. My hand strays near my blade. But I cannot do the deed without planning.

Day Two: I have created the ultimate dagger, capable of killing him without effort. I go to a local dealer who sells black soul gems, the ones obtained from this will be weak indeed.

Day 23: After a long study of his lifestyle, I have managed to track down where he lives. Not in the Cloud District, as he is obsessed with, but The Drunken Horseman! The cheapest inn in Whiterun.

Day 42: I sneak into his room in the dead of night. His wife gets murdered quickly, swiftly. He will wake up not knowing why he has a bloodied knife in his pocket called Bane of Nazeem's wife.

Day 45: In my mansion, I have been attacked by hired thugs by that idiot Nazeem. He thinks he can overpower the Dragonborn? Hah, he should not make me laugh.

Day 100: After relentlessly beating him up to within an inch of his life, shouting at him and paying off guards, I am finally ready. The blade that is called Soul Reaper sinks into his neck. After stealing his own dagger and applying Fire Enchantments onto it, I will name it Nazeem, and use it to attack his farm. Then hang it up in my mansion, and make him truely burn in Oblivion