First, before I begin, I would like to apologize for my lapse in posts. It was mainly due to my birthday being celebrated last week, and there were a lot of things to organize and a lot of cake to eat. However, I was still playing ES IV Oblivion, so I still have a decent rant to give today. I was going to do the Battle for Bruma quest (I don't think thats the actual name, but bear with me here) anyway, the one with Oblivion gates opening up everywhere. If your high level, (Like me) the game makes sure to send the about 500 of the strongest enemies in the game on an assination mission. Who's the target, you ask? Isn't it Obvious? Myself and Martin. Not that this is a bad thing, I love a challenge, and ES IV Oblivion wouldn't be complete without it. Even so, the enemy's group AI is horrible. At least 90% of all Daedra were gunning for me instead of all the NPC's who followed me into battle. It wouldn't have been so frustrating, but not only do you have to make sure all 500 Daedra don't kill you, but if Martin dies, you have to start over as well. Question: WHY CAN"T HE LET EMPORERS BE EMPORERS AND SOLDIERS BE SOLDIERS!? As Emporer, it's brave of him to go charging into battle, but as a soldier, he isn't very effective. The sudden loss of his Essential Character Invinsibility is quite frustrating as well. Anyway, I apreciate your reading, and please tell me if any of the information here is incorrect.

-Korak Nar, The Necromancer