So I decide to look forwork in Whiterun.The Jarl had put outabounty ona giant.I gladlygo afterthe giant and realize it may be more difficult than I thought.There were two mammoths with the giant.I know the moment I attack the giant the mammoths will attack as well.So I wait and see the giant go into a cave by himself.Sneaking I follow him into it,scout the location making sure he is the only creature there and slay him.I loot his chest and his body,then make my leave.On the way out I seeone of the mammoths still in the camp.I actcalmly so not to get its attention,But I bumped into the other mammoth in the process.Naturally this caused both mammoths to attack me.While trying to figure out how to handle this,yet another giant shows up,most likely the other giant's companion.Before I knew it I was surrounded by a giant and two mammoths.I managed to kill the giant,Suddenly I notice yet another enemy appears on my radar.And one of the mammoths turned greenish  with a glow.I knew imediatly the new hidden enemy was a spriggan.I deal with the spriggan infected mammoth first,then  I dealt with the spriggan before  she could recruitthe other mammoth.Unfortunately she had called three other nearbyanimals toher aid before I killed  her.To were now harmless they were confused foxes circling me butnot attacking,and the third was a sabre cat.This adventure ends with me no0t dying even once,and walking away with two giant toes,several treasures from them and a chest,two mammoth snouts and tusks,tap root,and a sabre cat belt  and tooth.Ohand it left  me 3 soul gems less than when I began,and no more healing potions.And what doesthestewerd pay me for this?100 measly gold.Luckily I made over a thousand gold from the treasures I looted from the giants.But still that was one hell of a  bounty hunt.And I once had to kill a dragon and a dragon priest to complete a bounty.