Sometimes things happen while playing Skyrim that makes me wanna say what the hell.Or did that really just happen? Here are some of those incidents.A while back I was playing as a female dunmer when I came across a tower full of forsworn.I manage to kill them all and come across a dungeon like room.In a cage is a hagraven.I decidewhat the hell and I release her.Of course I have my sword ready if she decides to fightback instead of running away like a spriggan I had recently released from necromances.To my shock she engages conversation with me.She explains that her traitor  sister locked her up here,and this was her tower once.She then makes a deal with me,if I help herkill the traitor sister,she will reward me.So I follow her to a room and help herkill this other hagraven/her sister.The friendly hagraven then kept her promise and gave me a magical staff.The last thing she said to me before I left was to kill something pretty with the staff.  The other strange incounter just happened today.It had to of been some sort of glitch or bug in the game.  Basically I had just killed the werewolf for Hercene so I could obtain the savior's hide.My goal is to retrieve all deadric artifacts available.Two in game days later I am following Barbas to see Clavicus Vile.And  I see this creature on the road walking about.At first I mistook it as a troll.But when I got closer it was the werewolf I had recently slain.He said nothing to me,and just kept walking.But it was odd.I dismissed this as a glitch of course.So if you ever come across a hagraven locked in a tower,free her for she will reward you.And if you ever save a spriggan from necromancers don't be surprised when she runs like hell.But if you too see the ghost or glitch...of that werewolf please tell me.