I have been seeing a lot of comments about how Skyrim is Dumbed down from other TES releases. After reading quite a few good posts I would like to explain why I love the new system

First off I play a vanilla game (no exploits, mods or cheats) at the highest difficulty. Yes it is easy to Nerf equipment in this TES release however it is not all that easy to Nerf the actual character. (By Nerf I mean to make a character so powerful the game is no longer fun)

For Example: Early on I began to experiment with Alchemy as I found it very rewarding in Oblivion and I stumbled upon the Restoration glitch. So I created a weapon and some gear with stupid stats for myself and Lydia. Stepped outside and found that I had destroyed the game for myself. Unlike other games I did not have to start over I just removed the gear threw it in a container and continued with my adventure.

In Skyrim if you find the game to easy then challenge yourself. Yes you can swallow as many potions as you like as fast as you like but that does not mean you have to...No one is shoving them down your throat.

I simply love how truly open world Skyrim is. The player is never truly pigeon holed in this release and it is as hard as you want it to be.


If you have become the guildmaster of the thieves guild, the Archmage and the Harbinger of the Companions can you really expect to have your arse handed to you in some random bandit encounter. At this level of achievement your a God among men. Act like a hero (break the Elder wand)

We see it in stories all the time how the hero buries or destroys a weapon because it is just to powerful or how Gods choose to face an enemy as a mortal for the sake of honor. In this game you can easily to that.

Take out a room full of enemies with your best attacks but when there is only one left drop your shield, put away that God weapon, kill your thralls and face your enemy with a handicap.

So if the game is to easy for you then pick up a fork and a set of miners clothes; turn the difficulty to Legendary reset all you skills and see if you can kill that Dragon or whatever.