(excerpts from the diary of Kyrillia Skye)

I travelled with a Khajiit caravan for a while and learned to appreciate their strangeness. They really are very clever and have a deceptively gentle way about them. They have an odd culture and are bound by some sort of caste system (based on the lunar cycle, I believe) but those bindings become looser the farther they drift from Elsweyr. Some of those born here in Skyrim regard some of these cultural rules just as old-fashioned traditions. I know they have a bad reputation as sly and devious characters, but they were nothing but polite and honest with me during my stay with them.

I spent quite a bit of time at the Winterhold College. I petitioned Arch-Mage Aren for admittance, but was denied. He said that I had a "quick and interesting mind" and a certain amount of magical talent, but that he didn't feel I was steady enough to attend the college. I suppose I should be offended but Aren was a very gracious host and he did let me stay for a while and audit some classes. He is a fascinating person and we spent many hours together discussing the old imperial mages guild, magical theory, the impact the war was having on the college (and vice versa), and a hundred other things I may one day put in my book. There's something sad about him; I have a feeling he is haunted by some terrible past event but I didn't have the heart to press the matter. At any rate, we parted friends. I have a feeling we will meet again!